Online Settlements

Quick. Easy.

It’s free if you don't settle!

Why use BidSettle?

BidSettle is a user-friendly online negotiation tool.

Stress-free, quick and affordable
Rational and non-confrontational
Will not compromise your legal strategy: parties will only know each other’s offers if there is a settlement.

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How much does it cost?

It’s free if you don't settle!
If it doesn’t settle, it’s free!
If your dispute is settled: 2.5% of the settled amount, per party.
15% of the profits are allocated to improving access to justice.

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How it Works

As little as 5 minutes to send your first offer!
Register and settle your dispute in 5 simple steps!
No credit card is required if you don’t settle.

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“ is a commendable initiative for people who intend to settle their non-complex lawsuits at little cost and this project fits well into the new judicial culture.”

The Honourable François Rolland - Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec from 2004 to 2015