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BidSettle’s mission is to improve access to justice by providing information on your legal rights and the technology that will help you navigate rough legal waters. A multitude of services now exist to cut legal costs and delays. This is great news, but how can you choose services wisely ?

In addition to providing relevant legal information and helpful tools, the BidSettle – Your Rights blog will act as a tribune to expose a wide variety of problems and offer tools for their swift and just resolution.

A demand letter for a better justice system

Our primary goal is to better equip citizens who do not have easy access to the justice system. BidSettle – Your Rights stands up for the citizen and provides paths to solving legal problems.

Access to justice: consider that 88.3% of Canadians no longer want to buy services which are sold by lawyers because they are either too expensive, too complex or involve unacceptable delays. According to Justice Thomas Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada, over 70% of legal needs are currently unfulfilled.

We believe that this is a crisis and we are trying to make Canadians aware of the magnitude of this situation. This blog will focus on proposing alternatives or corrections to conventional practices in the legal world.

Promoting empowerment

Approximately 50% of Canadians will represent themselves before the courts in 2017. Self representing often exposes citizens to situations that they are poorly equipped to handle. In order to take charge of your own legal case, it is necessary to acquire certain basic legal understandings. Rest assured, there are technological and economic tools that can help you make sound and informed decisions. In this blog we will explain when and how to draft a demand letter, when to hire a lawyer, and how to represent yourself, negotiate or sue.
In the coming weeks, we will discuss situations that can occur frequently in citizens’ daily lives, such as:

  • demand letters
  • hidden defects
  • neighbourhood annoyances or nuisances
  • management of unpaid bills or invoices
  • problems regarding unpaid rent and other practical topics.

Legal information, new technologies and the law

We will provide you with general legal information and also discuss access to justice, the economic aspects of a trial, new technologies which can help serve the law, and many other fundamental issues. BidSettle – Your Rights will keep you informed.  Our objective is for you to get justice and save money.

The content of our blog is developed on the basis of your comments, so don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail describing the legal issues that interest you. We do not give legal opinions or advice, but we certainly can provide you with relevant resources and information to clarify your choices.

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